VisuelleTanker [ /iːsˈθɛtɪk/]

The person who taught me about aesthetic has been dead for many centuries by now. His name was Wilhelm Hammershøi. (Though in all fairness, a few seeds had prior been planted in my imagination by Merleau Ponty – his thoughts on phenomenology and the works by Cezanne). Wilhelm Hammershøi, a danish artist who lived and worked between 1864-1916, is mostly known for his “austere” subjectmatters. In a time when it was fashionable to depict “well to do” interiors, Hammershøi painted empty rooms. However exately this “lack” of things or superficial values, invites the viewer to meditate – to search for a deeper or hidden truth contained in the piece.

Art, as we generally categorise the visual piece, is but a mere symptom of an aesthetic process. With VisuelleTanker I wish to explore the aesthetic area as an alternativ to logic reasoning. Aesthetic, as an individual philosophical area of perception, offering an insight in an universal truth. An important balance to todays eternal streem of informations and its seemingly monopoly of the real – the truth.

A piece of Art, being a product of an aesthetic process, will contain (and reveal) a truth which is as relevant today as the day it was created.

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